Asterix and the Chariot Race – Last but not least, the front cover!

Asterix and the Chariot Race – Last but not least, the front cover! 2017-10-09T14:57:04+02:00

Didier Conrad’s deft pencil work launches us straight into the world of this album. Parasol pines, ancient architecture, Roman roads and the impressive setting of Roman-era Italy are all there to see … which should appeal to Albert Uderzo who is of Italian descent!

Recreating the magic potion of dynamism, fine draughtsmanship and humour that typify Asterix front covers is no simple feat, though. “Creating an album cover is an art in itself,” confides Didier Conrad. “It might seem straightforward but summarizing the world of a whole saga, paying homage to characters everyone knows and introducing new ones, establishing the themes of a new story while delivering a particular brand of humour true to Goscinny-and-Uderzo tradition, and all of that set in a unique design – believe me, it’s a real challenge!”

So the setting’s been decided and there’s no more room for doubts: the basis for the latest adventure will be our heroes throwing themselves body and soul into a chariot race!

Now let’s harness the horses and buff up the chariots: Asterix and Obelix will take you with them as they race headlong into their Italian adventures. Or should I say, their Italic adventures!